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When life begins.



infused with bioREGENE+™ Healing elixir that restores your beautiful skin,
when it matters most.

NIGHTACTIVE knows that to keep your skin feeling luxurious and rejuvenated, the best restorative work is done at night.

The biotechnology active ingredients and microalgae amino acids in NIGHTACTIVE help to activate stem cells and intensively hydrate.

This unique formula stimulates stem cells which are important for skin repair.

By forming a hydra-protective layer on your skin and gradually releasing essential minerals that your skin needs, NIGHTACTIVE renews your skin’s radiance overnight.

* Suitable for dry skin


  • Forms a protective layer on the skin for an intense moisture-restructuring effect
  • Activation of epidermal stem cells to stimulate skin repair
  • Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Promotes fairer and even complexion

* For best results, apply twice daily



High in hydration and cell repair properties, with unique second skin hydra-protect effect.

Contains bio-ingredient derived from the Laminaria digitata that stimulates up to 57% higher concentration of epidermal stem cells¹, important for skin repair, after 10 days.

Contains Chlorella vulgaris-derived active that has been clinically tested and proven to provide the following results:

  • Forms a protective “second skin”²
  • 27% higher moisture level compared to placebo within the 1st hour³
  • 1040% higher sustained moisture level compared to placebo after 21 days, even after stopping application for 1 week4
  1. In-vitro test, comparison against control, 10 days
  2. Observation using Scanning Electron Microscopy.
  3. Clinical test, 15 volunteers, 21 days
  4. Observation of persistent moisturizing effect on Day 21, after 15 days of treatment and then stopping for one week
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