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infused with bioREGENE+™ Give your cell a workout for firm and toned skin.

HYDRAFIRM knows that lifestyle and environmental factors contribute to our skin losing its elasticity, thus resulting in the appearance of cellulite.

Using advanced marine actives extracted from red algae from the North Atlantic Ocean, HYDRAFIRM works doubly hard to reduce appearance of unsightly cellulites through its unique dual-action mechanism.

It stimulates lipolysis to aid the elimination of fats and boosts collagen-synthesis to tighten your skin and smooth out dimples.

The result is a visibly firmer and smoother skin that you can’t wait to show off.



  • Dual-action of healing and preventive anti-cellulite effects to reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown of fat tissue)
  • Stimulates synthesis of Collagen I, IV, and VII for firmer skin
  • Hydra-restructuring effect that immediately hydrates while preventing moisture loss
  • Protection against free radicals

* For best results, apply twice daily



Dual-acting anti-cellulite action for proven results.

The active in HYDRAFIRM works by both enhancing the fat elimination process (through lipolysis stimulation)¹ and dermal strengthening (synthesis of collagen)² to provide visible improvement to cellulite grade³.

  1. In-vitro test, 2 hour effect compared to untreated control.
  2. In-vitro test, compared to untreated control.
  3. Clinical test, visual analysis of cellulite grade, 20 volunteers, 56 days
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