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Cool down.
Hydrate in day's



infused with bioREGENE+™ Keeping your skin hydrated and beautiful throughout the day

HYDRACOOL knows that to keep your skin hydrated and protected against harmful UV rays, you will need to strengthen the epidermal barrier.

Using extracts of plant actives found on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, HYDRACOOL deeply moisturises and refreshes your skin with its unique cooling properties while boosting your skin’s natural defence.

Contains advanced non-irritant sunscreen with SPF 20 to provide broad spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays.

Its unique formula enhances the synthesis of Glutathione to boost the skin's natural anti-oxidant ability while providing hydra-revival benefit.

This light and soothing body lotion is exactly what your skin needs for an all-rounded protection.



  • Cooling effect that leaves your skin refresh
  • Improves your skin’s moisture retention and prevent further moisture loss
  • Glutathione (your skin’s natural anti-oxidant) booster
  • Broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection
  • Even protection & non-irritant sunscreen through advanced nano-encapsulation

* For best results, apply twice daily



Provides advanced UV protection while boosting your skin’s natural resistance.

The extract of Salicornia herbacea in HYDRACOOL has been proven to reduce trans epidermal water loss for a hydra-restructuring effect.

  • 23% reduction in TEUL (Trans Epidermal Urea Loss), indicator for moisture loss¹

The extract of Actinidia polygama promotes 60% higher synthesis of Glutathione, an important anti-oxidant in the cell².

  1. Instrumental test, 6 volunteers, 28 days
  2. In-vitro test
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